Holloway raises money to rewrite publishing for today’s digital future

Holloway launched its first digital guide series for entrepreneurs, and it could turn the entire publishing industry on its head.

Most of today’s practical advice on “how to” is scattered across a litany of blogs, podcasts and books… and in today’s fast-forward society, that quickly becomes outdated.

Holloway raises money to rewrite publishing for today’s digital future

But yesterday a startup called Holloway launched its ambitious attempt at a solution: A library of book-length online guides about entrepreneurship called “Raising Venture Capital,” written, and to be regularly updated, by teams of writers and industry experts.

And Holloway has some big-time backers

Holloway nabbed $4.6m in seed funding — not exactly a boatload in the VC world, but an amount that could be worth its weight in gold given the clout of its investors.

Many top tech investors from Comcast Ventures to New Enterprise Associates to the friggin’ New York Times are all bankrolling Holloway’s plan to expand to an even wider variety of work-related topics.

Why start up with startups?

According to TechCrunch, the company’s wagering on the startup market being large enough to create strong demand for the initial guides, in the same way that many of today’s successful tech companies started out serving companies exactly like Holloway.

Mega-publishers are also edging toward a “digital-first” focus, which could create opportunities for Holloway and industry giants — and give old-guard textbook auteurs a chance to turn the page for a new generation of learners (and maybe even earn pensions in the process).

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