How many zeros would you shell out to feel less zeroed out?

Widespread burnout is driving the expansion of specialized clinics. Very, very expensive specialized clinics.

Nearly eight in 10 Americans say they’ve experienced burnout at work, according to Deloitte.

burnout retreats

Fortunately — at least for those with loads of cash to burn — burnout is increasingly a problem you can throw money at.

Luxe burnout retreats…

… are on the rise, with rehab-esque programs treating stress popping up around the globe, per Bloomberg Businessweek.

Istana is one provider filling this lucrative void, running clinics in Bali, Barbados, and Ibiza.

  • Istana’s individualized programming can integrate many treatment options you’d expect — psychotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation.
  • But also some you may not, like psychedelic-assisted therapy, art therapy, and EMDR therapy.
  • The clinic now offers a “reset retreat” in Mexico featuring transformational breathwork, crystal healing, and nature activities like surfing and horseback riding.

Istana’s founder says admission for burnout has risen 600% since March 2020, with many clients seeking concurrent treatment for PTSD, substance abuse, and depression.

It won’t come cheap…

Popular retreats range from five-night escapes to monthlong sabbaticals. The price tags vary considerably as well.

  • Bloomberg Businessweek highlighted its “ultimate burnout spas,” which range from $5k to $10k/week.
  • Istana’s starting prices run between $30k to $55k/week.
  • The Rolls-Royce of rehab, Swiss clinic Kusnacht Practice, can cost $133k/week.

OK, but I’m not that elite: There are emerging options if you can’t spare that kind of time or money — UK-based celebrity trainer Harry Jameson, for one, will establish burnout-fighting regiments in $310/hr sessions.

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