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How many zeros would you shell out to feel less zeroed out?

Written by Ben Berkley | Jun 3, 2023 4:35:40 AM

Nearly eight in 10 Americans say they’ve experienced burnout at work, according to Deloitte.

Fortunately — at least for those with loads of cash to burn — burnout is increasingly a problem you can throw money at.

Luxe burnout retreats…

… are on the rise, with rehab-esque programs treating stress popping up around the globe, per Bloomberg Businessweek.

Istana is one provider filling this lucrative void, running clinics in Bali, Barbados, and Ibiza.

  • Istana’s individualized programming can integrate many treatment options you’d expect — psychotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation.
  • But also some you may not, like psychedelic-assisted therapy, art therapy, and EMDR therapy.
  • The clinic now offers a “reset retreat” in Mexico featuring transformational breathwork, crystal healing, and nature activities like surfing and horseback riding.

Istana’s founder says admission for burnout has risen 600% since March 2020, with many clients seeking concurrent treatment for PTSD, substance abuse, and depression.

It won’t come cheap…

Popular retreats range from five-night escapes to monthlong sabbaticals. The price tags vary considerably as well.

  • Bloomberg Businessweek highlighted its “ultimate burnout spas,” which range from $5k to $10k/week.
  • Istana’s starting prices run between $30k to $55k/week.
  • The Rolls-Royce of rehab, Swiss clinic Kusnacht Practice, can cost $133k/week.

OK, but I’m not that elite: There are emerging options if you can’t spare that kind of time or money — UK-based celebrity trainer Harry Jameson, for one, will establish burnout-fighting regiments in $310/hr sessions.