The History of Warren Buffet's Weath: Here's How Rich He Was at Your Age

The world's richest man had $6,000 when he was 15, was a millionaire at 30, and a billionaire by 60. Here's the rest of Warren Buffet's wealth history. 

It’s fun to compare yourself with others. Admit it. That’s why you clicked on this post. You’re one of those people who stalks your Facebook friends to make sure they’re not having more fun than you. It’s ok… I’m like that too.

warren buffet's wealth

That’s why I love this graph. While it’ll most likely make you feel a little jealous (unless you’re Zuck), in’s latest data visualization they map out Warren Buffet’s annual net worth since he was 14-years-old. As we showed in the past, overnight success is a myth, but it’s clear in this graph that the Oracle of Omaha has had a steady rise of net worth since he was a kid.

A few mentionable milestones:

  • He became a millionaire at the age of 30. However, that was in 1960. $1 million in 1960 is about $8,000,000 in 2015.
  • Although Buffet (only) had a net worth of $140,000 when he was 26, that’s roughly $1,200,000 in 2015 dollars, making him a self made millionaire in his mid 20’s. He made most of this money while working at a stock brokerage.
  • In 1945, when Buffet was 15, he bought a pinball machine and started a business renting it to local barber shops and restaurants. He sold the business a year later in 1945 for $1,200, or about $16,000 in 2015 dollars. At that time he had about $52,000 in today’s money Hustling since day 1.
  • By the time he graduated college, Buffet had about $90,000 in savings (2015 dollars).
  • When he was 14 he bought a 40 acre farm for $1,200, making him a land owner before puberty. Whatta guy.
  • Buffet bought his first house when he was 26 for $32,000 in Omaha. He still lives in that house.
  • After graduating college, until he was 32, Buffet worked for a brokerage firm and saved his earnings. He started his own firm after that.
  • He became a billionaire in his 50’s when his company Berkshire Hathaway went public.
  • Buffet bought his fight stock for $38 when he was 11.
  • 99% of Buffet’s net worth came after he was 50-years-old.

But in the end, even Buffet knows that money isn’t everything. “I measure success by how many people love me,” told Business Insider.
“And the best way to be loved is to be lovable.”


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