I Woke Up at 6 AM to Go to A Dance Party

Matt Brimer is the 29-year-old co-founder of General Assembly, an education startup w/ 500 employees and $50m in funding. In his free time he runs a morning rave business. Go figure.

August 17, 2015

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Matt Brimer intrigues me.

He’s 29-years-old, comes from the Midwest, and has co-founded General Assembly — an education startup with 500 employees, 12 international campuses, and $50m in funding.

But that’s not what makes him unique.

In addition to General Assembly, Matt — along with fellow entrepreneur Radha Agrawal — runs one of the most successful dance parties on the planet. But unlike most raves, there’s no alcohol or drugs, and it starts at 6 a.m.

Photo Credit: http://technical.ly/brooklyn/

Matt and Radha operate and produce Daybreaker: a carnival-like event that started as a social art experiment in New York, but has since grown into a global phenomenon.

Daybreaker takes place twice a month in more than eight cities around the globe. It’s a celebration that starts at sunrise and ends before the workday begins. Unlike a typical rave, Daybreaker events do not serve alcohol, encouraging health and community over hangovers and exclusivity. And the movement is growing at an incredible rate — one new city is added every month.

I spent the day with Matt and Radha to understand how these two disparate worlds collided, who the people were that flocked there so voraciously, and how they created a business out of a seemingly terrible idea.

What’s most intriguing about Matt and Radha is that they’ve created something that nobody else could envision, but that everyone wanted. They’ve identified and filled a societal need that the rest of us didn’t even know existed.

I went to the most recent Daybreaker event in New York City to figure out exactly how the worst idea ever (a dance party before work) became a successful business. Watch the video up top or right here on Youtube.

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