JetSmarter wants to be the “Uber of private jets”

But so does Uber… Awkward.

But, Uber also wants to be the “them” of private jets. Awkward.

JetSmarter wants to be the “Uber of private jets”

Cliche comparisons aside, JetSmarter just raised $105M from high profile investors Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family. So, they’re not exactly keeping a low profile.

How’s it work?

JetSmarter’s app lets members book individual seats on private planes using their JetShuttle service (think Uber Pool), or entire planes (Uber XXXL?) for a small first-year fee of $15k.

The fee includes a range of “free” single seats to places like New York, London, Paris, and Dubai. Second seat’s gonna set you back though (then again, if you have $15k to drop, what’s another couple G’s?).

Subscription jet-setting is the new hotness

The air is getting more crowded in the subscription flying space. Competitors like SurfAir promise monthly “all-you-can-fly” subscriptions, while Wheels Up offers pay-as-you go and up-front pricing structures.

Problem is, all of these companies rely on economies of user scale to be sustainable, so the fragmented market could be its own undoing. In other words, multiple competitors trying to win over an already niche demographic might mean that they all lose out.

Wait, what was that about Uber again?

Apparently they’re trying to build planes, too. Specifically, VTOLs (vertical take-off and landing aircrafts), which would reduce street congestion and give users “as many options as possible to move around,” according to Jeff Holden, Uber’s head of products.

Hey, if it gets us to work on time, we don’t care how it happens. As long as it’s closer to $15 than $15k…

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