Travis Kalanick’s VC helps fund a $7.6m seed round for Kargo

An ex-Uber employee raised $7.6m for his Indonesian trucking startup kargo, with Travis Kalanick’s VC fund participating.

Travis Kalanick, the former Uber CEO, rolled out an Asian-investment VC fund last year. Now, he’s investing in a trucking and logistics company run by ex-Uber employee Tiger Fang (yes, that is a human person’s real name).

Travis Kalanick’s VC helps fund a $7.6m seed round for Kargo

Kalanick’s company, titled 10100, took part in a $7.6m seed round for Kargo, an Indonesian trucking and logistics company that applies many of the same concepts behind Uber.

You know, “Uber for trucks,” babay.

But not totally… 

Fang told TechCrunch that, while its business does cater to customers ordering trucks using a mobile app or website, its scope is much wider because it works with truck operators rather than drivers themselves.

At Uber, Fang ramped up the company’s Southeast Asia operations, managing the company’s business in Chengdu (at one point the company’s busiest city based on daily trip volume). 

He started Kargo late last year after “months” of research, and this new round officially brings Kargo out of stealth.

No love for Sequoia Capital

10100 is participating, but the round is actually led by Sequoia India and Southeast Asia. But, being that Fang, and 50 of the Kargo employees are ex-uber Asia employees, Kalanick is in many ways the headline investor.

Kalanick reportedly agreed to invest last year when he visited Southeast Asia. Kargo plans to expand, but right now the focus is entirely on Indonesia — the world’s fourth-largest population.

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