LeBron James wants to own ‘Taco Tuesday,’ but he’ll have to go through Taco John’s first

LeBron James filed to own the “Taco Tuesdays” Trademark last month. But is this one game he can’t win?

Disclaimer: Taco John’s kept me from feasting on wild animals as a broke college student in ice-cold Minot, North Dakota. I simply couldn’t get enough of the Mexi-Rolls. Go Beavers, I guess…

LeBron James wants to own ‘Taco Tuesday,’ but he’ll have to go through Taco John’s first


Many of you have heard LeBron yell out “Taco Tuesdayyyyy!” in a Speedy Gonzalez voice on Instagram. That’s because he really likes tacos — particularly on Tuesdays.

Now, as USA Today first reported, Lebron’s LBJ Trademarks LLC filed to trademark rights to the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” 

Reeeel original, LeBron

“Taco Tuesday” was first trademarked in 1989 by the Wyoming-based fast food restaurant, Taco John’s. That trademark applies across the entire US, except in NJ (a small hotel in Somers Point, NJ, snagged ownership of the trademark — in the Garden State only).

But don’t expect Taco John’s to let its guard down on LeBron. Currently, there are 25 other filings — including the request by LBJ Trademarks LLC — either pending or dead.

Don’t get your tacos in a twist…

If it does work out for LBJ (as it so often does), he’s not looking to police the term. 

“The filing was to protect the company from potential lawsuits… it has nothing to do with stopping others from using the term,” a LeBron James spokesperson said.

In other words, the company wants to protect their star for using the phrase in certain forums — i.e., Instagram and other “entertainment services.”

Many taco die-hards are rooting for the LBJ-win

Gustavo Arellano, features writer at the LA Times and author of the book “Taco USA,” told the The New York Times he’s found American businesses highlighting Mexican food on Tuesdays as far back as 1933.

But, he argues, James’ effort to claim the term could prevent Taco John’s from hoarding the famous phrase and “free” it for use by all — regardless of how little The King actually knows about tacos.

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