Dear Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me on Linkedin

If I wanted a date, I would be on Tinder.

My fellow ladies. I’m disgusted and disappointed. Why? Because LinkedIn has become an online version of a New York City street.

Dear Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me on Linkedin

When I joined LinkedIn, I did so because I wanted to network with other professionals and further my career. But instead, LinkedIn has become a go-to place for guys to holler at me about my looks rather than my portfolio.

I’ll elaborate.

Here’s a LinkedIn message a friend of mine received last week. My friend is an attractive blonde, UCSB graduate, and tech recruiter in San Francisco. She had never met or heard of this guy before — this message was completely out of the blue.

Subject: Cute Smiles
What a cute smile you have on here ( on a nice profile ) you look resplendent in such a way that intrigues everyone that views your profile. I was actually browsing through the list of my connections when I came across yours, pulsed and couldn’t resist to say hi having seen such unique beauty.

I sincerely apologize for writing such personal message to you as I understand that this Professional Networking site prohibits it but just like I said, I couldn’t resist to say hi.
Please do you mind staying in touch??
I would love to know more about you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

If this had been said in the workplace it could be classified as sexual harassment.

While many of us will probably just laugh it off, why treat a professional networking site any less professional than the workplace?

Females have worked hard and come so far to be treated equally at work.

Now, this isn’t to say women aren’t hitting on guys on LinkedIn, too. And not all men are creepy LinkedIn nerds. This is just my experience. However, after speaking with a few friends of mine, I KNOW this happens regularly with a lot of women.

Guys (and girls), if you find yourself wanting to hit on someone, that’s a-okay. We all need love.

But next time you wanna get your cyber creep on, follow these directions:

  1. Close LinkedIn
  2. Download Tinder
  3. Download OKCupid
  4. Download Coffee Meets Bagel
  5. Troll as much as your heart can handle

See how many choices there are? They are sites actually intended for dating. Unlike LinkedIn. Hell, OKCupid even has a filter so you can find someone within a specific income bracket. See, it’s much easier to keep the online dating messages within an online dating site.

Unless of course, LinkedIn has a “hot blonde” and “at least an 8 out of 10” filter. Maybe that’s a Premium feature?

And of course, if you want an even better piece of advice, GET OFF THE COMPUTER! Hit on a girl in person. As long as it’s friendly and funny, we love that shit!

One last thing.

My male co-worker didn’t believe me when I told him about men using LinkedIn to hit on women.

So, to prove my point to him, and you, I need you to do a little experiment.

Open up a new tab and go to

Now go to an attractive female’s profile.

Once you’re on her profile, scroll down and look to the right of the screen. You’ll see a section called ‘People Also Viewed.’

What do you see?

Do you understand what’s happening here? People are jumping from one attractive female profile to the next.

Funny enough (well, it’s not that funny), when I showed my male coworker a beautiful blonde woman’s profile, all the other women in the “People Also Viewed” section were blonde. Same when we clicked a pretty brunette’s profile.

Hey, at least creeps are consistent.

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