Looking for love? Try a date-me doc

Today’s singles are turning to date-me docs to find love online.

If the thought of responding to even one more Hinge prompt makes you want to swipe left on it all, a “date-me doc” might be just what you need.

A laptop with a pixelated chat bubble and a heart.

Per The New York Times, a growing group of singles — many of whom are tech workers living in major US cities — are turning to shareable documents to find love.

Created on platforms like Google Docs and Notion, the docs are one part personal ad and one part resume, bringing more vintage dating practices into 2023:

  • Many hopeful daters share their view-only date-me docs on social media, dedicated databases, or directly with potential prospects.
  • The docs include basic information — age, gender, sexual orientation, hobbies — as well as elements that show more personality, like music, photos, or longer-form writing.

Unlike traditional online dating options, date-me docs are fully customizable, making them more appealing for users who have struck out on apps with rigid templates.

Dating burnout is real

And it’s making people get more creative. Aside from dating docs, hopeless romantics are increasingly giving old-school options like matchmakers and speed dating a try.

An April report from Morgan Stanley notes that dating apps have seen declining user growth in the past few quarters, another signal of potential romantic fatigue.

Desperate times…

… call for desperate measures — and point to things getting weird.

All that swiping and typing has to go somewhere, and one survey found that 91% of LinkedIn’s female users have received romantic advances on the professional platform. Yuck.

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