Looks like there might be trouble in paradise for Apple…

Ok, maybe there won't be any consequences for their shady offshore tax avoidance... but at least they got caught.

With some big ol’ ups, and some even bigger downs, here are some of Apple’s big ol’ happenings under one big ol’ roof.

Looks like there might be trouble in paradise for Apple…

Apple wins big in lawsuit with Samsung

After what seemed like an eternity of legal sparring with Samsung, Apple has finally been named the $120m winner of the patent infringement case first brought on in 2014.

The case revolved most notably around Apple’s “slide-to-unlock” patent after suing Samsung for apple-jacking their idea.

After Apple won, the ruling was overturned two years later in 2016, in favor of Samsung, only to be then reinstated yesterday for its final round, deciding that, yes, Apple is indeed owed their sweet green.

What’s better, is that the fight has gone on so long, slide-to-unlock is now a thing of the past.

iPhone X is Apple’s most breakable phone

CNET found that the iPhone X is Apple’s most brittle phone after conducting a “drop test” to see how much the new phone can handle.

And apparently, the answer is: not much.

After dropping it once from the average “pocket-height” (3ft.) the phone’s new, all-glass back cracked at nearly every corner — drops 2 and 3 were even worse!

In other words, if you shelled out and bought this bad boy, get a case… NOW.

Anything but paradise

A new leak called the “Paradise Papers” has outed Apple once again as they try to escape billions in taxes by dabbling in the offshore banking world. And once again, they got burnt. Well not burnt exactly, but they got caught at least.

Apple’s 2017 accounts showed they made $44.7B overseas and paid only $1.6B in taxes to foreign governments, less than a sixth of the average corporation tax in the world.

It may not seem like much, but their overall overseas money mattress had a whopping $252B under it, and had these papers not come out, the amount they would’ve skirted on taxes could’ve added up to billions, and let’s be honest, Apple knew exactly what they were doing.

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