Meme lords are hitting the collective bargaining circuit

Instagram Memers are unionizing to keep Instagram from profiting off of their content without compensation.

The Atlantic reports that Memers have had it with corporations (really everyone) posting their art without compensation — and now, they’re unionizing.

Meme lords are hitting the collective bargaining circuit

“Solidarity actions with memers. Memers of the world unite,” the union’s Instagram page read, as it encouraged followers to “seize the memes of production.” 

They’re looking at you, Instagram

The memery generates engagement that helps keep Instagram growing — but, they argue, the multibillion-dollar platform doesn’t pay them for their work, or give them any say in how it’s displayed.

Like every other social media platform, Instagram is free to use, yet the company is allowed to monetize the content to sell ads.

Will the National Labor Relations Board take this seriously?

Most signs point to fat chance, but the IG Meme Union Local 69-420 (this is not a joke, we repeat: this is not a joke) isn’t laughing.

Regardless, it plans to act as a union, and use some of the same tactics to protect their dank, steel-beam melting work.

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