This one’s for the cheap seats: Professional baseball teams launch subscription tickets

As sports attendance dips all across the scoreboard, many baseball teams have rolled out new subscription-based, standing-room-only tickets.

As baseball and all sports aim to reach a younger, more socially inclined audience, franchises have already targeted new-age sports fans with cheap, standing-room-only tickets — via subscription.

This one’s for the cheap seats: Professional baseball teams launch subscription tickets

Subscription-based services are winning

Many MLB franchises including the Braves, Marlins, Twins, and Yankees have downsized their stadiums because of shrinking attendanceit’s hard for $45-$100 nosebleeds to compete with your curved 4K smart TV.

But, subscription-based companies like Netflix and Fubo (and a gamut of others) continue to rise, and baseball franchises (like the Cardinals and Twins) see this as the perfect solution to fill in the gaps.

Most recently, for less than $40 a month, New York Mets fans will now get season tickets with seats directly in front of everyone’s favorite spot at the ballpark: concession stands.

The sports, they are a changin’ 

Betting is now legal, making it cool for even more fedora-clad stress-cases to cuss their teams for fear of losing their mortgages. Plus, startups like biometrics company Clear have gotten their handprints on new methods to streamline stadium concessions payments — like booze.

Now, new-age fans can save the money they’d spend on normal seats to pay off their bookies, all while using Clear’s new thumbprint verification to quickly buy everyone in the room micheladas when they cover the spread.

These new innovations all seem to be connected in helping get sports fans back in the seats (or in this case on their feet), and we can only expect there to be more big swings like these in the future.

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