The Most Googled Product in Every Country

Here's what people want to buy according to their most popular searches.

Americans only eat fast food, Germans love beer, and everyone in Australia surfs.

The Most Googled Product in Every Country

Think you know what your country’s stereotype is? Guess again. Earlier this year the cost-estimating site Fixr created a map that shows the most Googled products in every country.

To get their data, the team at Fixr googled a simple question for each country: “how much does * cost”. Then they used Google’s autocomplete tool to see the most searched phrase. While Fixr’s experiment is far from being scientific, it’s certainly interesting to see what specific countries care about.

A few interesting findings:

  • People in Europe are very practical and are concerned about the cost of beer, living, and studying.
  • In Africa, people most searched for basic necessities: livestock, food, and fuel.
  • Brazilians like to get down. Their most searched product was “prostitutes.”
  • “How much does it cost to fly a MiG” was the most commonly searched term in Russia. I’m not surprised.
  • Kuwait is quite curious about the cost of a Lamborghini.



North America must not be an exciting place because most North American countries search for boring terms.


South America likes to party. Beer in Argentina, prostitution in Brazil, and, best of all, Panama hats in Ecuador.


Yachting in Monaco, nose jobs in Albania, and flying an MiG in Russia. These are a few of the most interesting searches in Europe.

People in Japan want watermelons.


Nearly every country in Africa is concerned about basic life necessities except for Mauritania and Sierra Leone. The most searched for product are diamonds Sierra Leone, and slaves in Mauritania.


In vitro fertilization is a concern in Australia, and ironically New Zealand’s most searched term is vasectomies. Do most Australians retire in NZ?


“How much does land cost” is the most searched term in Antarctica. The answer? Land in Antarctica can’t really be bought… but that’s for another article.

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