Despite its phenomenal failure, companies just can’t stop copying MoviePass

Infinity and Atom, 2 new MoviePass copycats, are launching new movie subscription products this year in spite of MoviePass’ dismal failure.

Not 1 but 2 new MoviePass clones — called Infinity and Atom — are launching new subscription movie ticket services this year.

Despite its phenomenal failure, companies just can’t stop copying MoviePass

Copycat companies are logical, even expected, but in this case, you’ve got to wonder — don’t these MoviePass mimickers know that the company they’re copycatting failed spectacularly?

Meet the 2 newest MoviePass clones

Infinity, a subsidiary of a cinema-tech company called Influx Worldwide, plans to launch its “official subscription program for cinemas” later this year.

Similarly, an online ticketing company called Atom Tickets has launched its subscription movie product, Atom Movie Access.

But it’s not just Infinity and Atom: Sinemia, AMC’s A-List, and the Cinemark Movie Club all also offer some type of movie subscription product (and yes, MoviePass is still trying to get its sh*t together, too).

A case of déjà view

MoviePass went up in flames, lost millions of dollars, and nearly bankrupted its parent company despite being the hugely popular first player in a hot new industry.

This, coupled with the fact that all of the other companies trying to build viable movie subscription businesses are also struggling to do so, would seem to make it clear that the industry is a tricky nut to crack.

Still, these 2 new startups have bold plans to dominate the movie subscription landscape with products strangely similar to MoviePass’ failed service.

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