Is Spotify the UBI we’ve all been waiting for?

MSCHF's Spotify UBI is everything you need to make a passive income while robots take over the economy.

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Is Spotify the UBI we’ve all been waiting for?


One of the big issues on everyone’s minds: how to get money in the hands of those who need it most? 

With stimulus talks stalled out, people are scratching their heads in despair as millions of Americans nervously wait for the other shoe to drop.

Well, we’ve got an unlikely palliative, if not a final answer: Spotify UBI (AKA universal basic income).

The Set Up

While casually browsing Spotify, you click play on R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” — WHOOPS, you just sent $0.005 cents to an alleged sex criminal! DAMN!

Why shouldn’t that have gone to YOU instead?!

The play button on Spotify should not be seen as purely functional but as a send money button.

And in these trying times: that money should be yours. 

Here’s how to get it—by turning Spotify into a passive revenue generator, one loop at a time:

  1. Spotify pays the same for a stream of a 1-min song as for a 10-min song
  2. The shortest duration Spotify will pay for is 30 seconds. This is the most efficient money maker.
  3. A 30-second song can only be uploaded as part of an album; the album’s songs must average > 1-min in length
  4. Finally, Spotify pays between $0.0035 and $0.005 per stream

Getting Started

We have automated all of this for you! Using the MPFree Money Widget, in one click, you can receive an album of algo-generated music ready to be uploaded to Spotify.

Maybe money does grow on trees…

Here’s what you need:

✅ A “song” 
✅ Album Art
✅ Uploading Service 
✅ A Spotify Account 

Get everything you need here

Here’s what you don’t need: 
❌ To be a musician
❌ To be signed to a label
❌ To have an agent

Download the full instructions here from MSCHF Mag Vol. 1!

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