From inbox zero to inbox hero: Presenting ‘You’ve Got Spam’

MSCHF presents You've Got Spam, the internet's most reliable solution to deal with spammers.

MSCHF took over The Hustle’ s newsletter on November 3rd, 2020. Here is one of their glorious articles from that fateful day (full email here).

From inbox zero to inbox hero: Presenting ‘You’ve Got Spam’


In 2020, our email inboxes have become the final frontier of the infowars.

Savvy marketers have noted that, as attention scattered to all the new-fangled marketing mediums in recent years, the humble email inbox has become an unexpectedly fruitful locale for greater engagement.

And thus, the floodgates were unleashed

While much of this is well-meaning—and some of it is stuff we’ve opted into—the majority is glorified spam!

Gone are the cheap viagra pills and Nigerian prince windfalls of yesteryear. Today’s spam insidiously cloaks itself as a personalized cold sales email, surreptitiously blasted out to 1,000s of unsuspecting innocents at once. 

Well, folks, there’s only one solution: we’ve got to punch back.

Spamming the Spammer

Introducing You’ve Got Spam: a new tool from MSCHF that lets you spam back the spammers.

With a single click, the sender’s email address is subscribed to hundreds of junky subscriptions, choking their inbox to the gills. 

Use sparingly. Use responsibly.

With great power comes great responsibility.


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