Woodstock 50 is dead after its promoters tried to move the event to Maryland

Woodstock 50 is officially dead in an already rocky year for music festivals.

Put away your Indian headdresses and reattach the legs of those newly cut-off mom jeans: After months of fighting, the 50-year anniversary of Woodstock was canceled

Woodstock 50 is dead after its promoters tried to move the event to Maryland

Michael Lang, a promoter of the OG fest and a partner behind Woodstock 50, said: “[Woodstock] just ran out of time.” 

Plus, many of the festival’s performers — like Jay-Z and Santana — dropped out after the location was moved to Maryland.

Shouldn’t it be in, uh… Woodstock?

Well… kinda. The original Woodstock was actually held in Bethel, NY.

Nearby Watkins Glenn, NY, was originally tapped for Woodstock’s year’s stage — but organizers struck out on the permit. Then, they tried for Vernon, NY — also to no avail. 

With 2 weeks to spare, Lang made a last-ditch deal in Maryland. But capacity shrank from 150k to 30k, and, soon, high-priced performers started backing out.

Is it the Fyre Fest Effect?

Festivals are dropping like flies this year, leaving many concert goers up sh*t-stage without a Fender. 

NYC’s OzyFest got canceled (music to local ears) for extreme heat, Belgium’s VestiVille was dubbed ‘Fyre Fest 2.0’ after a late cancellation, and others took the dirt, too. 

But, according to Lang, all ticket buyers for Woostock 50 will be reimbursed. Boy, are we smellin’ some sensitivity in the festival air…

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