The trendiest new subscription box is here to deliver… a baby?

A startup called Natalist offer subscription boxes for moms trying to get pregnant, the latest in a string of fem-tech startups to focus on a specific demographic.

Earlier this week, a startup called Natalist launched a subscription box designed to help women get pregnant.

The trendiest new subscription box is here to deliver… a baby?

The brainchild of Halle Tecco (experienced tech founder, healthcare investor, mom), Natalist provides a variety of tools — both physical products and knowledge-based resources — to make the process simpler and more supportive of moms-to-be.

The box changes with the pregnancy experience

The “Get Pregnant Bundle” subscription box — which costs $90 for one month or $81 per month on a recurring basis — features different products for each step in the fertility journey.

The first month’s box features an illustrated Conception 101 book that describes — in jargon-free but specific terms — how conception works. 

Later boxes feature more specific products like ovulation tests or doctor-tested prenatal vitamins.

It’s a medical product… but also a lifestyle brand

Natalist employs a staff of doctors to ensure that all of its products are backed by sound science, but the company also endeavors to bring the process of pregnancy into the new millennium — with slick direct-to-consumer branding, of course.

Natalist redesigned standard pregnancy tools like ovulation tests with what Fast Company calls “a modern feminine look” (think: smooth fonts and soft colors).

The company is just one of several recent startups to launch with the mission of offering specific, female-focused care: A startup called Blume offers products for puberty; Genneve provides menopause resources.

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