NBC News NOW follows its cable competitors into the stream

NBC followed CBS, ABC, and CNN in rolling out a streaming service to cater to younger viewers.

Yesterday, NBC launched “NBC News NOW,” a new streaming service that will provide 8 hours of programming every weekday.

NBC News NOW follows its cable competitors into the stream

Following the eyeballs down the stream

NBC’s new streaming content will include original video, reporting, and segments that will air every day from 3 to 11 pm, in an effort to cater to younger audiences who apparently prefer watching video in the evening.

Down the road, NBC plans to roll out 24/7 video content for all the newshounds who just can’t help checking Twitter at all hours.

But NBC is late to the stream team 

NBC is jumping into the stream behind many competitors. Rival cable networks CBS, ABC, and CNN already have rolled out streaming services.

But NBC isn’t entirely out of the loop — the network already produces products like a Snapchat show called “Stay Tuned” to connect with younger audiences who spend more time staring at social media apps than cable boxes.

NBC News NOW won’t offer any paid products, instead offering a fully ad-supported option that will run 4 ads per hour (in line with competitors).

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