Need help brushing up on the new dictionary?

Tech and business are well-represented in the latest additions to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Merriam-Webster recently made 690 additions to its dictionary, and honestly, we’re still processing them.

A grid featuring 11 pairs of jean shorts on a pink background, with one spot in the grid taken by an open dictionary.

Some newly legitimized words are long overdue:

  • Common abbreviations like NGL (“not gonna lie”) and TTYL (“talk to you later”) made the list.
  • Also paying their dues in the cultural zeitgeist and meriting inclusion: jorts (denim shorts), tiny house (a home smaller than 500 square feet), and chef’s kiss (a gesture of approval).

Some words, though, just feel like Merriam-Webster is now a living Steve Buscemi meme:

  • Lookin’ at you, modern slang like rizz (romantic appeal) and simp (to show excessive devotion).

But hey, that’s the dictionary nerds’ lane…

… whereas ours is business and tech, so we’ll stick there and run down the reference tome’s newest entries within our nerdom:

Generative AI (noun): artificial intelligence capable of generating new content (such as images or text) in response to a prompt.

  • Used in a sentence: “No way, that wasn’t a picture of me wearing jorts… That was, uh, totally some generative AI program.”

Smishing (noun): the practice of texting someone in order to trick them into revealing confidential information which can then be used for criminal purposes.

  • Used in a sentence: “Detective, I’m worried the person behind this smishing scheme will release all those photos of me wearing jorts.”

’Grammable (adjective): suitable to be posted on Instagram.

  • Used in a sentence: “I hate how khaki shorts make me look, so that picture’s absolutely not ‘grammable.”

Edgelord (noun): someone who makes exaggerated statements online with the intent of shocking others.

  • Used in a sentence: “Elon Musk is an edgelord.”

Finsta (noun): a secret or incognito Instagram account.

  • Used in a sentence: “I was forced to use my finsta after I called Elon an edgelord and his fanboys came after me.”

Meme stock (noun): a stock that experiences a temporary surge in popularity and price due to a coordinated effort by small investors.

  • Used in a sentence: “People on Reddit disagree, but I think Levi’s should become a meme stock on the strength of their denim shorts catalog alone.”

P.S. There were plenty more business and tech-related inclusions — e.g., “large language model,” “passkey,” “quiet quit,” “girlboss,” and “microtransaction” — but they were just too hard to work into sentences featuring jorts.

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