Americans keep on trusting Band-Aid more than any other brand

We’re stuck on Band-Aids ‘cause Band-Aids stuck on us.

Morning Consult conducts an annual survey asking US adults which brands they trust the most.

A young child holding a teddy bear receives a bandage on his arm against a rainbow background.

This year, the bulk of top-trusted brands consisted of food, household, and personal products, such as Lysol, Colgate, and Cheerios — familiar brands people across demographics likely have continuously stocked.

Take, for example, the humble Band-Aid. It just landed its third consecutive year in the top spot.


… were invented by Johnson & Johnson cotton buyer Earle Dickson after he observed his wife regularly suffering cuts while cooking. J&J launched the product in 1921.

That first year, Band-Aids were sold as sheets that customers had to cut into strips; it made just ~$3k (~$40k today).

Yet, it eventually took off to become a household staple so ubiquitous that it’s now an example of genericide — when a brand name becomes the term for all similar items.

Today, Band-Aid is owned by J&J subsidiary Kenvue.

Which is interesting…

… because J&J is the subject of tens of thousands of lawsuits from plaintiffs who allege that its talc-based products cause cancer.

That’s reflected in a similar survey published last month, the annual Axios Harris Poll 100,which ranks 100 highly visible brands by how Americans view their reputation.

Here, J&J ranks at 73, placing it below even the much-complained-about Southwest Airlines (61). And TikTok — a brand that Gen Z and millennials trust much more than other generations, per the Morning Consult poll — ranks nearly last at 95, in company with fellow platforms Meta (97) and X (99).

But Band-Aid on its own apparently gives us the warm fuzzies — possibly because: a) we don’t always associate brands with their subsidiaries, and b) it’s an early symbol of comfort thanks to the placebo effect that occurs when a caretaker puts one over a child’s cut.

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