Bark Air is luxury travel… for dogs

A new luxury air service puts dogs — not humans — first.

The problem with planes these days — aside from falling apart midair — is that they don’t cater to dogs. Enter Bark Air, a new way to travel that considers the needs of its furst-class passengers.

A dog lounges on a seat aboard a Bark Air plane.

Launching May 23 in the Los Angeles, New York City, and London areas, Bark Air comes via Bark, the company behind BarkBox subscriptions.

Why do dogs need this?

We can’t exactly ask them, but the idea is that travel can be uncomfortable for dogs — whether they’re stuck in a pet carrier under a seat or flying in cargo — and stressful for their humans.

Bark Air is a private charter, so there’s a separate check-in process — no TSA checkpoints — where dogs meet one another and go to the bathroom in a designated area before boarding. Plus:

  • Dogs get calming music, pheromones, jackets, ear muffs, and more to chill out.
  • Dogs receive in-flight snacks and beverages.
  • Dogs can sit on laps, seats, or beds without being crated, unless they prefer a carrier, and must be leashed only when humans wear seatbelts.
  • Human passengers must be at least 18.

It’s worth noting…

… that this luxury service is for the most pampered pooches. Each one-way flight only sells 10 tickets (one dog, one human per) for $6k-$8k each, with additional human tickets available for an extra cost.

That’s way more than a standard flight, but seemingly par for the course. A similar air service, K9 Jets, is similarly priced, per The Washington Post.

It’s unclear how high demand will be at that price, but spending on pets is up — and that includes luxury items.

  • In 2022, Americans dropped $136.8B on their pets, up 11% YoY.
  • A surge in pandemic-era pet ownership led to a greater appreciation for, and spending on, furry friends.
  • As people delay or forgo having children, they dote on their animals.

But what we need to know is: How much to fly on a plane full of dogs even if we don’t have one?

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