Did someone order an IV? A medical practice is dripping into our vacations

Roll up your sleeves — there’s a new wellness trend on the rise.

A decade ago, if we’d asked you whether your vacation plans involved a big ol’ needle and an IV drip, most would’ve said hell no.

A white woman in a white robe drinking a glass of water with one hand with an IV in the other arm.

But today, it’s becoming more common that your R&R comes with a side of IV.

Hungover vacationers, looking for relief after one too many poolside margaritas, are turning to IV bags packed with vitamins and minerals for a quick fix, per The Washington Post.

But reluctant to break their vacation trance in order to feel better, the IV bags are coming to them:

  • Some Four Seasons spa locations have IV drip clinics for guests looking to refuel. The Hydration IV service at the Maui hotel starts at $299.
  • Shoppers can take a break from swiping their cards with IV drips at clinics inside Harrods in London (the store’s signature service is ~$825) and the Dubai Mall.
  • Carnival Cruise guests can book an IV drip while at sea, starting at $199.

Las Vegas is one particular hotspot for hangover-curing drips: Hangover Heaven, an originator of the trend, started slinging IV drips across the Strip in 2012 from inside a bus. Now, Vegas is littered with IV clinics looking to revive visitors after a night of debauchery.

The IV league

As the idea of taking a needle to the arm during your spa treatment becomes less jarring, more businesses are emerging to capitalize on the trend.

In 2023, there were an estimated 7k medical spas around the world and thousands of IV clinics.

And the practice isn’t limited to travelers — home visits are a popular solution for those too tired to leave their beds. Companies like the IV Doc, NutriDrip, and Reviv meet dehydrated customers wherever they are.

If you’re not planning on rolling up your sleeve anytime soon, that could be wise: Unsanitary equipment can lead to infections, and the jury is out on whether IV drips are actually effective.

A lot of talk about alcohol, but can IV drips reverse the effects of crushing a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Asking for a friend.

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