Digits: A cool car stunt, a rise in book censorship, and more newsy numbers

Banned books, Telegram’s growth, everyone’s a liar, and more wild numbers.

37: Percent of people who lie “frequently” when applying for a job, according to a 2023 ResumeLab survey of 1.9k+ workers. A slightly lower percentage — 33% — admitted to lying “once or twice.” Job seekers often lie about their education, but they’re not the only fibbers in the process — another study found that 40% of hiring managers also lie to applicants, often about responsibilities or growth opportunities, per Fast Company.

An outline of a man with an extended Pinocchio nose next to a resume, a Jeep, a stack of books with a red banned circle over them, and the Telegram logo with a rising orange arrow on a black-and-white background.

900m: Monthly active Telegram users as of March 2024. Despite the fact that only ~25% of Americans are aware Telegram exists, the messaging platform that emphasizes privacy has seen steady growth since its 2013 debut, largely in India, South America, and Russia, per Chartr.

8.5: Number of times stunt driver Logan Holladay rolled a modified Jeep Grand Cherokee for the upcoming action-comedy The Fall Guy, breaking a Guinness World Record previously achieved by Adam Kirley, who rolled an Aston Martin 7x while filming Casino Royale (2006). The stunt is called a “cannon roll” and involves detonating a device under the vehicle to propel the car into several rolls. (You can watch Holladay do it in this video.)

4,240: Number of book titles flagged for censorship across US schools and libraries in 2023, a 65% YoY increase, per data from the American Library Association. Of those books, ~47% were by or about LGBTQ+ people or people of color. The ALA will release the top 10 most challenged book titles for Right to Read Day on April 8.

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