Digits: Angry birds, a pricy EV, and more newsy numbers

Loyal customers are actually fickle, a bunch of violations for Amazon, and more.

300+: People who want to adopt Pepper, a foul-mouthed white-fronted amazon parrot. Pepper’s previous owner surrendered him to a New York shelter in order to care for a relative, meaning the bird is now looking for a forever home. Pepper likes to repeat phrases such as, “Do you want me to kick your ass?” Whoever takes him home should probably know he’ll likely live — and loudly swear — for another 25 years.

A colorful parrot next to a speech bubble indicating a curse word against an orange background.

$535k+: The price of Ferrari’s first EV, due late next year, not including any bonus features. This is significantly more than Porsche’s EV, which starts at $107.5k. Ferrari built a new factory in Maranello, Italy, to produce petrol, hybrid, and electric vehicles. When fully operational, it’s expected to annually produce ~20k vehicles (the company currently makes only ~14k cars per year).

59,017: Number of alleged violations that the California Labor Commissioner found across two Amazon distribution warehouses in the state. All violations pertain to the Warehouse Quotas law, which requires companies to provide workers with written documentation of any quotas they’re meant to meet. Each violation results in a $100 fine, or, in this case, ~$6m total. Amazon plans to appeal, arguing that it doesn’t have any fixed quotes, instead comparing workers’ performance to their teammates.

15: Number of loyalty programs to which the average American is subscribed, per Mastercard’s latest Signals report, though the average consumer regularly uses less than half of the programs they’re enrolled in. Top rewards programs can increase revenue from repeat customers by 25%, but loyalty has its limits: Two-thirds of consumers say they’d switch to a different loyalty program if another brand offered a better deal.

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