Digits: Good hygiene, epic baby pics, so many Big Macs, and more

The world record for Big Macs consumed in a lifetime, a sinister scam, and more wild numbrs.

$2k-$11k: What parents have paid to have Erika Clark take their infant’s photo. The California photographer offers packages that include costumes and personalized sets. Like what? Well, for a “Game of Thrones” shoot, Clark’s team fashioned modeling clay into 200 miniature swords to recreate the Iron Throne. The photos depict the client, who will remember none of this, sleeping peacefully upon it next to two dragon eggs.

A pig standing in front of a pile of coins, a woman putting on deodorant, a baby, and several burgers against a blue background.

8%: Q3 growth that Unilever saw in its personal care segment, 3.9% of which was thanks to deodorant sales. CFO Graeme Pitkethly’s reason for the bump: People ditched things like deodorant during pandemic lockdowns, but have returned to smelling fresh now that they’re leaving the house.

34k+: Big Macs eaten by Don Gorske, a 70-year-old Wisconsinite who holds the Guinness World Record for most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime. Gorske has saved every McDonald’s receipt and burger container since his unusual culinary hobby kicked off in May 1972. Though he once ate up to nine Big Macs per day during his peak years, Gorske has since cut back to two. He also skips the fries and goes on a daily six-mile walk.

$75B+: How much fraudsters made from pig butchering scams between January 2020 and February 2024, according to a new study that looked at crypto addresses from 4k+ fraud victims. A pig butchering scam is when a scammer tricks someone into making a bogus investment. Its morbid name comes from the practice of intentionally fattening up hogs prior to slaughter.

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