Digits: Plane etiquette, Frodo in SpaghettiOs, and more

Keep your kids out of plane aisles, people.

$6.5m: How much you’d have to pay to live in the San Francisco home once occupied by the Tanner family in “Full House.” The four-bed Victorian appeared in both the original series (1987-95) and in the 2016-20 reboot we forgot about until just now. While the inside doesn’t look like the show — interior scenes were shot in LA — the new owner can opt to buy handprints in concrete stone from John Stamos and Bob Saget.

Frodo from Lord of the Rings surrounded by SpaghettiOs pasta.

8,795: How many cans of SpaghettiOs you’d need to write The Lord of the Rings trilogy, according to Instagrammer, skateboarder, and artist Abstract Tyler. He came to this conclusion by finding the average number of each letter per can, then putting this data into a program he wrote for this specific purpose. It would cost ~$12.2k to buy enough cans, but on the bright side, you’d have 8.1m+ leftover letters — enough for several second breakfasts.

98: Age of the man believed to be America’s oldest organ donor. WWII and Korean War vet Orville Allen died in May after suffering a fall, but was in good health otherwise. His children were surprised when hospital staff asked if they would donate his liver, but said yes, as their dad always went out of his way to help others. The liver was successfully transplanted in a 72-year-old woman.

86%: Share of Americans who say it’s unacceptable to let children play in the aisle mid-flight. YouGov surveyed Americans on 30 controversial behaviors, finding that 80%+ also find it unacceptable to get drunk, leave their seat during turbulence, and watch TV without headphones. However, 55% think it’s fine to recline their seat, meaning that, yeah, that one’s still going to be a hot item for debate.

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