Digits: Urination equality, discount earrings, and more newsy numbers

A woman’s fight for public toilets, Disney’s first Michelin star, and more.

$28: How much Rogelio Villarreal paid for two pairs of Cartier diamond earrings. The Tamaulipas, Mexico, man spotted the earrings for sale for $14 on the retailer’s website and ordered two pairs. Cartier realized the website contained a typo — the earrings were actually $14k per pair — and attempted to cancel his order and send him something else. But with the backing of Mexican officials, Villarreal stood his ground and received the earrings last month, though he said he now wishes people would talk to him about something else.

Two toilets, two pairs of diamond earrings, a nice dinner table, a star, and the Bing logo against a pink background.

$295: Starting cost per diner at Victoria & Albert’s, Disney World’s newly Michelin-starred restaurant. Though it’s been open for 20+ years at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the achievement is a first not just for Disney but for any theme park. The restaurant is themed for Queen Victoria’s 1887 Golden Jubilee. It serves multicourse tasting menus and, according to the Michelin Guide’s review, “bold sauces like cherry-cola bordelaise.”

140m: Daily Bing users. Google still owns the web search game, but Microsoft’s Bing hit 140m+ daily active users, accounting for a ~40% YoY increase thanks to the introduction of its AI tool, Copilot.

$4.2m+: How much Amsterdam has spent working on urination equality. It’s unclear how many public toilets that figure buys, but the new wheelchair-accessible facilities will open in October. The news follows a battle that began in 2015 when a woman was fined €90 (reduced from €140) for public urination in an alley after all nearby businesses had closed. Incensed, she pointed out that the city had many public urinals but nowhere for women or people in wheelchairs to relieve themselves.

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