Weird week: An AI beauty pageant and a pouchless Capri Sun

Plus: The not-so-surprising habits of first-time internet users.

  • The world’s first AI beauty pageant is underway. The World AI Creator Awards hosted by Fanvue, an AI-centric platform described as OnlyFans meets Cameo, selected 10 semifinalists this week from a pool of 1.5k+ applicants who will compete for $20k and the title of “Miss AI.” Beyond their looks, they’ll be judged for things like social clout and their creator’s use of prompts. And per Wired, most of them are “thin, beautiful, mostly light-skinned” — reflecting what the Washington Post found to be a “startlingly narrow vision of attractiveness” when it recently prompted AI image generators to portray beautiful women. The winner will be announced later this month.
  • For nostalgic and budget-conscious adults, Capri Sun is now available in 96-ounce bottles. The packaging update — the Kraft Heinz brand’s first innovation in nearly a decade — is in response to consumer demand, according to the company, which said 76% of Capri Sun’s call center suggestions between 2020 and 2023 concerned larger product sizes. Despite the new format, an image of the iconic pouch can still be found featured prominently on the updated bottles, which are selling exclusively at wholesale clubs, like Sam’s Club and Costco.
  • A remote Amazonian tribe just got internet access and — surprise — they're addicted to social media and porn. Thanks to Starlink, the 2k-member Marubo tribe has had internet connectivity since September. The tech, introduced to help in cases of emergencies, has since proven beneficial, but it’s also produced some unintended (albeit unsurprising) results: Per The New York Times, tribe members are addicted to social media and porn, people are gossiping in group chats, families aren’t interacting as much, kids are playing violent video games and talking to strangers online, and elders are worried. We really are all bound by a common humanity.

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