Weird Week: An infantilizing system glitch, accidental politicians, and more

Another strange week, featuring millennials wearing ugly clothes to work as a form of protest.

  • A 101-year-old woman, dealing with the curious case of being too old for the digital world, is regularly mistaken for a baby. Patricia was born in 1922, not 2022 — a fact that American Airlines’ online booking system can’t seem to compute, according to the centenarian, who says this isn’t the first time flight attendants were surprised to greet her instead of a baby. Hopefully the airline will have fixed the issue by autumn, when she plans to take her next trip, because this lady needs a wheelchair, not a binky.
  • Slay? Young Chinese professionals are protesting work with a “gross” outfit trend. Demoralized by long hours, low wages, and a weak economy, Chinese youths are rebelling against corporate culture by wearing and sharing their workweek worsts on social media (in line with other recent trends, like “lying flat” in China and “quiet quitting” in the US). It’s not quite rage-against-the-machine, but they do say dressing the part is half the battle. And as one millennial put it: “If none of us look exhausted, then how do we know we’re getting f*cked by inhumane labor conditions?”
  • Iceland’s next president might be running on a platform they don’t know how to use. The Nordic nation saw a record number of people enter its presidential race this year after digitizing its elections. The country’s new website made it so easy to register for the top job that at least 11 people, who thought they were endorsing other candidates, signed up accidentally. Only 13 of the initial ~150 candidates collected enough endorsements to continue their run for office when polling closed yesterday. Hopefully they’re all well-aware now — imagine being accidentally elected.

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