Weird Week: Costco birthday parties and stop driving like a man

Plus: A humble taco stand gets overdue recognition.

  • Costco, the place where you buy a 156-pack of laundry detergent pods, is the hot new party venue. In the latest TikTok trend, people are celebrating another trip around the sun at Costco’s food courts. Why, you ask? Well, why not? There’s no bottle service, but there is plenty of food, deals, and something for everyone — $1.50 hot dogs, cake, even opportunities for last-minute gifts. If this sounds like your kind of party, just be mindful of your guest list: The members-only club said that while it won’t stop large groups from gathering at its stores, attendees must be members or guests of members to get in.
  • In France, people are being told to “drive like a woman.” It’s not an insult — just sage advice from French road safety group Victimes & Citoyens. Its new campaign aims to debunk the “misogynistic” stereotype that women are worse drivers than men, citing a 2022 French government report that found 84% of fatal car accidents are caused by men. The group’s website reads: “Statistically, driving like a woman means only one thing — staying alive.” (If there was a mic, this is when we’d drop it.)
  • It’s been a big week for tacos: Taqueria El Califa de Leon — a 10-foot-wide taco stand in Mexico City that’s been around for 50+ years — just became the first restaurant of its kind to earn a Michelin star. Meanwhile, an Indiana judge ruled that tacos and burritos are indeed “Mexican-style sandwiches,” ending a yearslong legal debate regarding commercial zoning approval.

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