Working from home — only better

The newest trend in interior design might work for you.

When pandemic lockdowns began in 2020, employees logged in to work from their beds, couches, and dining room tables.

A woman smiling and writing on a notepad at her computer while a little girl hugs her from behind.

Now, those who still work remotely have upgraded to standing desks and ergonomic chairs, but some have ascended to an even higher level of WFH: interior design built specifically for work.

It makes sense given that, in 2023, 40% of US employees still worked remotely and ~25% of workdays were completed outside of the office, per The Wall Street Journal.

Plus, home modifications can make working easier:

  • Flexible rooms and features allow spaces to switch between office and home. Think: outdoor patios with strong WiFi, home theaters with soundproof walls and large screens that could double as meeting rooms, or Dutch doors to connect spaces.
  • With the time saved on a commute, remote workers are looking to fit more wellness into their workdays using tech like sun-tracking skylights, WiFi-enabled meditation gardens, and air purification systems.
  • Home and interior design is catering to Zoom calls by curating work-appropriate backgrounds — even murals — and camera-ready lighting.

Furniture is also playing a big role, as consumers reach for pieces that are both functional and flexible. Brands are already replacing traditional office furniture with more homey, aesthetic versions that retain necessities like cable management and storage.

And just because you’re home…

… doesn’t mean you’re alone. Residential coworking is becoming an increasingly popular option for remote teams — whether it’s a media room or detached garage in a home, or the common area of an apartment building.

The trend is likely to stay put: Offices were mentioned in 11.5% of all Zillow listings in February 2023, up 4.5% YoY, per Business Insider, and listings that mention a home office can sell for 1.6% above asking price and six days faster than those without.

So, in the future, forget about monsters under the bed — you’ll need to check for board members in your basement.

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