Now That’s What I Call Music just released its 100th volume

Now That’s What I Call Music has just released its 100th compilation, and with massive sales, there’s no sign of stopping this mixtape.

Whether it was purchased to hide “Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang from your parents, or to get you going crazy, crazy, crazy just thinking about KC and JoJo in the ’90s, each volume of Now That’s What I Call Music! has served as a sonic time capsule of the world’s hottest songs for decades…

Now That’s What I Call Music just released its 100th volume

And now they’re celebrating their 100th release

First released in the UK in 1983, the mixtape began as a partnership between record labels EMI and Virgin records.

After the success of “Top of the Pops,” a compilational cover album of the day’s popular hits, the labels decided to give fans the real song and dance. So they brought their respective catalogues together and made an album with all the best hits of the year. 

35 years later, NOW! Is a bonafide music industry superstar

According to Quartz, 98 of the previous 99 UK releases spent time as the country’s number-one album, and the compilation series has expanded to more than 2 dozen countries.

And, despite digital’s strong hold on, well, everything, Now albums continue to sell. According to the BBC, the series has sold over 120m records, including 3.2m in 2017.

NTWICM’s most-featured artist? Katy Perry with 20 appearances.

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