Financial troubles mean the NRA may soon ‘be unable to exist’

After a long legal battle with the state of New York, the NRA claims they may be “unable to exist” after losing their insurance program in the state.

In recent court filings obtained by Rolling Stone, the National Rifle Association gun lobbying group warns that it is in dire financial straits and could soon “be unable to exist.”

Financial troubles mean the NRA may soon ‘be unable to exist’

They’re doing just ‘fine’

Well, “fined.” The NRA has been suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York state’s financial regulators since May, after they were forced to pay a $7m fine for selling an illegal NRA-branded member liability insurance policy to cover legal costs in self-defense shootings.

The NRA’s lawsuit claims that New York violated its First Amendment rights, and the “aggressive” campaign to “politically blacklist” the organization has taken “tens of millions of dollars” from the gun group.

The group also says they’ve lost insurance coverage and could be forced to shut down their headquarters and media entities (including NRATV, which apparently exists) and stop holding rallies and conventions. 

But New York is sticking to their guns

On Friday, New York state filed to have the suit tossed out. Then Saturday, Cuomo publicly accused the NRA of “political bullying,” and Sunday he released an ad calling on other states to outlaw the NRA’s insurance program as well.

Then again, according to a ProPublica investigation, the gun rights advocate also overspent by $46m in 2016. So, we’ll let you draw your own conclusions… 

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