Optoro raises $75m to help e-commerce retailers find new homes for returns

Optoro raised $75m to expand its platform to reduce the losses incurred by e-tailers due to returns.

As the volume of e-commerce sales continues to grow (increasing 16% last year), so does the problem of e-commerce’s unruly alter-ego: returns. 

Optoro raises $75m to help e-commerce retailers find new homes for returns

To address the costly problem, ‘returns optimization’ startup Optoro raised $75m to expand its platform that helps e-tailers find new homes for returned e-commerce products

Riding growing e-commerce to success

Since 2010 — the year Optoro was founded — e-commerce has grown from justs 4.2% of overall retail sales to about 10% today. According to the Commerce Department, US e-commerce totaled $453.5B last year.

But as online purchases increase, so do online returns, posing a problem for retailers that can’t process a high volume of returned merch.

We’re talking half a billion

Last year, 10% of retail sales were returned, and e-commerce sales are returned at an even higher rate (up to 40%). Optoro estimates the annual market for US returns is $380B.

Since many e-commerce retailers don’t sell returns at full value, this growing volume of returns translates to huge losses. That’s where Optoro comes in: The platform uses data analytics and multi-channel analytics to find returns new homes, ensuring that losses stay as low as possible.

Now Optoro, which has raised $244.4m to date, will use this cash to expand its platform in time for the biggest blitz of the year: holiday returns.

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