Outdoorsy gasses up the #vanlife trend with $50m in premium unleaded funding

Outdoorsy raised $50m in Series C funding to help expand its Airbnb-style RV rental marketplace.

Outdoorsy, a company that pairs customers with underutilized RVs and other large vehicles, is traveling toward the promised land after raising $50m in Series C funding.

Outdoorsy gasses up the #vanlife trend with $50m in premium unleaded funding

Next stop, Burning Man

Founded 3 years ago, Outdoorsy is one of a handful of companies capitalizing on a global trend currently sweeping the nation: Millennials are over hotels. They want to camp while traveling, but, like, in style.

Last February, Outdoorsy raised a $25m Series B — over $75m in less than a year combined with their last round in February.

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Like Airbnb did for home-sharing, Outdoorsy has helped revolutionize the mobile housing market; van life; luxury adventure-seeking; whatever you want to call it.

It even convinced its insurance company to create a product that specifically covers the notoriously accident-prone vehicles for “basically the cost of what you’d pay for a beer each day,” says CEO Jeff Cavins.

Outdoorsy has signed up 31k vehicles to date, and with the new funding it hopes to expand into Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as it maps its journey to one day create a full-service “recreational marketplace.”

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