Pampers gets into ‘wearables’ in the only way Pampers knows how

Smart diapers takes off as Pampers follows Huggies’ lead into the connective care industry.

The age of the smart diaper has arrived, with Pampers finally jumping into wearable devices with a new “connected care system” called Lumi that tracks babies’ activity.

Pampers gets into ‘wearables’ in the only way Pampers knows how

The diaper comes with a sensor that alerts parents via an app notification when a diaper is wet, but — to borrow the words of a store owner I once met during an emergency in Ensenada — they’re “just pee pee, no ca-ca.” 

It also sends information on the baby’s sleep schedule and allows parents to track feeding times.

Is this how babies become geniuses?

Connected tech promises more efficient homes, and this announcement from Pampers (which is part of Procter ampersand Gamble) suggests that “baby tech” will be a part of the boom.

And it ain’t just undies: Baby tech offers connected bassinets, smart night lights and pacifiers, and even apps to ape the sound of a parent saying, “shush” — the future of adult emotional triggers, ladies and gentlemen.

Research and Markets predicts the interactive baby monitor market alone will reach more than $2.5B by 2024.

Let the diaper wars begin

Huggies led the way into the smart diaper industry, and now, as Pampers gears up, the war to see who can best surveil babies has officially left the docks.

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