Japan’s population continues to shrink at an alarming rate

Japan’s population has been shrinking for decades, and it’s only getting worse.

According to Quartz, Japan’s population is disintegrating; it fell by almost 450k last year while simultaneously setting a record for the fewest number of babies born since 1899, AKA the birth of official records (#goals amiright??).

Japan’s population continues to shrink at an alarming rate

In other words, oldies are going out but babies aren’t coming in — a trend that has only gotten worse for Japan since the problem took shape in the late 1970s.

But if no one’s getting busy, and all the oldies are dying, what demographic does that leave the country with?

Welcome to the aging baby boomer mecca

More than half of Japan’s population is over the age of 46, while 70-year-olds and above account for 1 of every 5 people. Because of this, new economic findings are beginning to show face. 

It’s the latter demographic that has left over 13% of Japanese homes abandoned — that’s 8.5m homes without souls in them (up by 260k from the previous 5 years).

They need immigrants

Other nations that have experienced similar declines have turned to immigration to make up the difference. Problem is, Japan historically gives a sharp thumbs down when it comes to letting outsiders in.

But, as we’ve pointed out, Japan ain’t getting any younger (it’s the oldest large country in the world), and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Now, they need to find native educators to teach foreigners the language. 

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