Postnatal retreats are taking off in the US

New businesses are reimagining what the days after bringing a baby home could look like.

They say “it takes a village” to raise a baby, but the reality of bringing an infant home from the hospital looks very different.

A curly haired mom holding her baby, both facing away.

For many, the process means facing sleepless nights, caretaking, and mental and physical healing in isolation.

But that experience is uniquely American

Other countries — like China and South Korea — have customs in which new mothers take designated time away from careers and housework, and get major assistance.

Now, new businesses are bringing elevated postnatal care to the US with luxury retreats to support new parents in the time between the hospital discharge and returning home:

These retreats come at a high price

The Village costs $950/night with a three-night minimum stay, while Boram charges $900/night for the first three nights with reduced pricing for each additional night (some guests stay up to 40 nights).

Inside these luxury rooms…

… is everything a new mom needs. The retreats follow the usual five-star hotel model, with some unique additions:

  • There’s 24/7 support, with professionally staffed nurseries at the ready should moms want some alone time.
  • Specialized food designed to promote lactation and help moms heal is delivered to rooms daily.
  • Lounges and common areas are offered for moms who want to socialize and interact with other new parents.
  • Lactation consultants and group educational sessions are available for everything from baby CPR and breastfeeding to changing diapers and swaddling.

Maintaining well-being immediately following birth is critical: It can actually determine future health outcomes.

So if postnatal retreats can become more accessible, they have the potential to do more than just soften the blow — they could change lives.

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