Say it ain’t so: is ‘raw’ water really a thing in Silicon Valley?

Is ‘raw’ water the newest health trend about to sweep Silicon Valley, or is it just another sensationalized micro-trend?

In what has seemingly become the capital of woowoo health/productivity trends, Silicon Valley has outdone itself with a purported new rage: unfiltered ‘raw’ drinking water.

Say it ain’t so: is ‘raw’ water really a thing in Silicon Valley?

Companies like Live Water and Zero Mass are a few of the pioneers heading the ”off-grid water movement” marketing unfiltered, unsterilized “filtration systems” to the public for the low low price of $4k.

If the at-home “unfiltration system” isn’t your bag, the effort to fight against lead, Chloramine, and Fluoride polluted H20 isn’t all lost. You can also buy the untreated health miracle at some neighborhood SF grocery stores for $36.99 per 2.5 gallons.

Tap water free of chemicals? Sounds dandy… except for E. Coli

The worries shared by many about tap water’s potentially harmful accoutrements may be valid, but some of the movement’s leaders are taking it a little too far.

Live Water’s founder, Mukhande Singh, compares the treated water we drink to drinking from a toilet laced with birth control and believes fluoride is used for “mind control.” Yeah.

But even IF that’s true (it’s not), water void of treatment is accompanied by many proven acute risks like E. Coli bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Needless to say, we have some questions

As a company based in San Francisco, we find the onslaught of health hacks are often fueled more by mystique than action.

If you or anyone you know has partaken in raw water, tell us about it. Does it give you wings like RedBull? Giardia perhaps? Hit us up at

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