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EMAILED ON October 7, 2019 BY Emily Kelley

Take me to bunky town: Rich homeowners are investing in custom home-protection features

For years, survivalists have been singing “It’s the end of the world as we know it” — and the richest among them have even purchased protected bunkers in Kansas or getaway properties in New Zealand. As one does. 

But it’s the age of delivery babyy, so now they’re just bringing the safety right to their steel-reinforced doors.

Storms are a-brewin’, but building regs are slow to get with the times

Many home insurance policies and building codes are based off the 100-year-storm stat, but some experts feel that the changing climate necessitates revisiting this often-misinterpreted probability rule.

Meanwhile, homeowners in disaster-prone areas are looking to protect their houses from rains of terror… and from flash floods, fires, mudslides, and tornadoes.  

In response to this emerging demand, specialty architecture firms are starting to offer neat safe-space additions like steel window shutters, flood vents, and tornado rooms.

Still, you might want to hold off before opening your own steel-shutter business

The luxe-home category has been a bit shaky since the 2017 tax changes, and the market for these top-dollar custom doomsday dwellings still remains quite niche.

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