Salesforce launches new ‘corporate’ voice assistant, Einstein Voice

Salesforce unveils its new voice assistant for businesses titled Einstein Voice -- a new extension of its Einstein AI platform that allows each customer to turn their smart speakers into a ...

These days, if you’re a tech giant and you don’t have a voice assistant in your roadmap, you may as well cancel your Q4 milestone of taking over the world. 

Salesforce launches new ‘corporate’ voice assistant, Einstein Voice

Just ask Salesforce. Yesterday, the company jumped into the smart speaker fold, unsheathing Einstein Voice, an extension of its Einstein artificial intelligence platform. The new product will allow sales managers to dictate memos and operate cloud services hands-free.

Sheesh, first driving, now hands-free selling?

What’s next? Pizza-making? (Too late).

The bottom line is, nobody wants to type anymore, especially sales people, who need to be ready to close deals — and bang sales gongs — at any moment.

But, this is more than just a transcribing tool. The bot also keeps calendars, allows employees to conversationally enter notes about meetings, and keeps track of daily briefings.

According to Venturebeat, Einstein’s most alluring feature from a marketing aspect is how easily customizable it is. 

The Einstein platform will soon allow customers to build their own, company-specific voice bots through the Einstein computing system.

Why didn’t you think of that, Amazon? 

In a press release detailing the announcement of the pilot initiative, Salesforce pointed to a pair of studies showing that 47.3m Americans use smart speakers, and estimate that number to grow by 10% over the next 3 years.

And, as more people become dependent on their personal C-3POs at home, it’s only a matter of time before everyday is bring-your-bot-to-work day.

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