After months of hype, Samsung wins the race to unfold a pricey new phone category

After months of competition with other phonemakers, Samsung became the first company to sell a phone with a foldable touchscreen.

After months of hype, yesterday Samsung released the world’s first folding phone, the Galaxy Fold.

After months of hype, Samsung wins the race to unfold a pricey new phone category

The Fold got mixed reviews from early users. But early reactions aren’t always a good litmus test when it comes to consumer tech.

The frontier of foldables

The Fold features several eye-popping numbers: The phone has 2 touchscreens, 6 cameras, a 7.3-inch display… and a $1,980 price tag (even more than Apple’s XS-ive starting iPhone price of $1,099).

Rival phonemakers have “teased” their own foldable prototypes for months — Xiaomi and Lenovo both leaked their prototypes, and Huawei claims to be on track to release its foldable this year.

But now that Samsung has won the race to get a product to market, the next big question is obvious: Will consumers pay $2k for a phone that is also a tablet?

Now, we wait to see how consumer tastes unfold

Many people praised the phone’s features (the phone can run 3 apps simultaneously on its larger screen), but others ridiculed the phone’s massive price tag and unusual design.

But even though consumers often don’t like change at first, the market has a short memory: Apple’s Airpods were widely mocked when released 2 years ago, but now they’re a massive success that many users can’t imagine living without.

Despite the flurry of angsty tweets, Samsung could have the last laugh as the future unfolds.

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