How an underwear startup is capitalizing on unfounded fears of technology

A startup called Lambs is selling pseudoscience in the form of radiation-blocking beanies.

Lambs, a startup that previously sold radiation-proof underwear under the name “Spartan,” has rebranded and announced it will start selling radiation-proof, silver-lined beanies.

How an underwear startup is capitalizing on unfounded fears of technology

Despite the medical community’s continued insistence that radiation from cell phones does NOT cause cancer, predatory startups like Lambs continue to make products designed to profit from popular paranoia.

Who says technophobia can’t be stylish?

Paranoia-chic has come a long way since tinfoil hats: Lamb’s new, wireless radiation-blocking beanie is supremely stylish — and it’s available for just $39 online!

On its site, Lambs boasts that its boxers, trunks, and beanies — T-shirts and women’s underwear coming soon — block EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Pseudoscience sells… paranoia pays

Although government research and the majority of the medical community agrees that there’s no link between cell phone radiation and cancer, Lambs makes several controversial claims on its site to sell its undies. 

Lambs’ front page says: “Men exposed to cell phone radiation all day may experience 50% sperm count reduction.”

But, in a twist of irony worthy of an Orwell novel, Lambs is funded partly by an investment firm called Science Inc.

After all, who needs science… when you have Science Inc.?

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