Evan Spiegel bashes social media, and we can’t tell if he’s a hypocrite or a genius

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel announces massive app redesign -- and swears Snapchat isn’t social media.

In light of Snapchat’s massive app redesign, the social messaging app’s fearless leader Evan “the Spiegs” Spiegel penned an op-ed in Axios on Tuesday slamming social media (re: Facebook) for its promotion of “fake news.”

Evan Spiegel bashes social media, and we can’t tell if he’s a hypocrite or a genius

In it, he claims the creation of the personalized newsfeed, while revolutionary, has come at a “huge cost to facts, our minds and the entire media industry.”

He’s right, but… pot calling the kettle black much?

Not if you ask the Spieg-Master 5000. According to him, Snapchat is a “communication application,” NOT social media.

“[social media is all about] more friends! more likes! more free content!” Spiegel mocks.

But, instead of relying on the “interests of ‘friends’” to drive growth, Spiegel says Snap’s new algorithm tailors each person’s Discover page to the media they want to consume.

In other words, with the redesign, Snap will move even further away from promoting viral user growth — a major qualm analysts have with the app already.

Are they onto something, or did they just miss the boat entirely?

To their credit, Snap has managed to steer clear of the “fake news” firestorm currently scorching the social media-scape.

But Snap’s new philosophical stance comes on the heels of its stock plummeting due to lagging user growth — raising the question of whether this is just an elaborate ploy to make Snap’s inability to keep up with Facebook seem purposeful.

Either way, the pitch appears to be working

Publications are already calling Snap the “anti-Facebook,” which we can only assume is music to Spieg’s ears.

And, in a social media landscape that desperately needs a hero, Spiegel intends to be the one we deserve.

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