Some tech workers are embracing pay cuts — and Canada

Tired? Fired? It may be time for poutine.

In case you haven’t noticed, the “cutting-edge” tech market has really been living up to its name lately.

Some tech workers are embracing pay cuts — and Canada

The tech sector saw ~165k layoffs in 2022; this year, it’s already seen 212k+, according to tracking site

Understandably, the market is depressing tech workers’ historically high salary expectations. It’s also pushing many to consider other forms of professional worth, beyond the “net” variety.

The pursuit of app-iness

A recent survey of the Blind community — that is, the anonymous tech career forum Blind — found “56% of tech workers are open to accepting the same or lower pay in a new role” so long as it fulfills another unmet need.

  • Other findings: 45% said weathering market conditions were their primary reason; 19% mentioned company culture and work-life balance; 14% cited remote/hybrid workplace preferences; and 13% said career growth opportunities were the real MVP.

Eh? Meanwhile, Canada’s trying to make some sweet maple syrup out of Silicon Valley’s sour situation: The country recently announced plans to attract more digital nomads, as well as 10k American H-1B visa holders and their families, into the country.

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