Sony brings in a $2.1B profit as PlayStation sales continue to kill

Sony put up massive numbers in Q2, with its PlayStation business continuing to skyrocket from an uptick in consoles sold, as well as big releases like ‘Spider Man’.

The PlayStation division is always Sony’s top performer and Q2 was no exception, seeing a 27% increase in gaming revenue last quarter, contributing to Sony’s $2.1B profit.

Sony brings in a $2.1B profit as PlayStation sales continue to kill

The gamer god pulled in $4.9B in Q2 sales and helped Sony’s operating profit jump by 59% as revenue rose to $19.6B.

Cash Bandicoot

In raw sales, Sony has sold over 86m PS4 consoles to date (up 6m from the last figure given for PS3 sales as of 2013). And, though demand for PS4s will eventually decline when the next big console drops — the hunger for games will never be curbed.

New Exclusive title “Spider-Man” sold over 3m copies in its first 3 days of sale in September, boosting the gaming division’s projected revenue for the full fiscal year 8% higher than expected.

Now Sony is ridin’ the wave

Sony is feeling so chill about the rest of the year that it has raised its full-year operating profit forecast to $7.7B — up 30% over its original target — which, if pulled off, would set a company record for annual income.

It’s not just PlayStation though. Its $2.3B buyout of EMI Music Publishing also had a massive impact, representing 55% of the additional revenue Sony wants to hit for the financial year.

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