EMAILED ON November 13, 2017 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Spotify thinks corporate holidays are so passé

The music-streaming titan has decided to allow their employees to choose their own holidays instead of forcing them to adhere to taking off the usual sanctioned public holidays.

If an employee wants to swap days off for Christmas in order to celebrate Yom Kippur or any other cultural holiday, then he or she is free to do so.

Get it, Spotify

According to Spotify’s HR Blog, the policy has been implemented in order to “challenge cultural norms” and give employees more “flexibility and freedom.”

The company has close to 3500 employees, and over 90 nationalities spread amongst their offices throughout the world, and this policy should help to break new ground in the ongoing quest for corporate “wokeness.”

So chill, so forward-thinking

Spotify has long led the pack in flexibility — and while studies have been mixed on things like unlimited vacation, this rule seems to find a very happy and inclusive medium.

Basically, Spotify has been putting companies to shame with their music-loving, chill-vibe, forward-thinking office culture for some time now — they even have in-office jam sessions!

Now if only they could be a little more “flexible” when it comes to paying the artists that allow the company to exist at all… Those in-office jam seshes though.