How a Non-Techie Created Sprig, the Lyft for Food

Gagan Biyani, the founder of Sprig and Udemy, is ridiculous. Here's the story of how he took an idea to delivering real, hot food in only a matter of days.

How a Non-Techie Created Sprig, the Lyft for Food
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Ok so you’ve got a startup idea. Hell, maybe you already have a startup.

Either way, you’ve gotta answer one big question: how to solve your user’s problem.

… Should you build an app? Or a web based product?
… Will people want this or that feature?
… And what should your first version look like?

Gagan Biyani, the founder of Sprig and Udemy, had the exact same questions.

When he started Sprig, a service that delivers hot meals in 20 minutes, Gagan knew the problem he wanted to solve: how to make buying a healthy meal affordable and easy.

But he didn’t want to wait months before finding out if it would work, so he tried to figure out how he could test Sprig in a few days.

He started scrappy. Like really scrappy. The first version of Sprig was an Eventbrite page to collect payments, Settlers of Catan pieces on a map to track drivers, and a spreadsheet for inventory.

…but it worked.

Sprig sold 40 meals the first night. And 60 the next. By the end of its first year, Sprig delivered 260,000 meals and transformed from a ghetto MVP to a beautiful app.

At Hustle Con, Gagan will explain his decision making process when creating an early product.

If you’ve ever wondered what the first version of your product should look like or how to iterate on your MVP then you’ll LOVE Gagan’s talk.

And in the meantime, check out this nifty infographic we created. It explains how Gagan started Sprig.

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